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With any gas-powered feature in your business, it is important to have it connected properly. Many businesses use gas boilers or water heaters today. We provide a variety of repair, installation, and fitting services for gas pipes and appliances. Our team is familiar with proper protocols for various tasks and ensures that components of your gas system are safe and working correctly. Since natural gas can be a dangerous substance, it is important to work with qualified professionals for all your commercial gas service needs.

Gas Repairs

If a gas water heater, boiler, or something else is experiencing problems, we can help. The issue may be related to gas pressure, a gas flue vent, or something else. Our technicians are familiar with a wide variety of new and old models of gas-powered appliances and systems. They have the right training and equipment to detect, diagnose and fix several types of problems.

Gas Installations

When you need a new gas-powered appliance, valve or other gas system feature installed, our team can help. They have the skills and tools to perform installations safely, ensuring that everything is properly connected. Additionally, our technicians inspect connections and perform safety tests after they complete installations.

Signs of Commercial Gas Problems

Some gas appliances or features may have problems that create a variety of effects. Also, some gas lines may develop a blockage from debris or something else. These are a few examples of problems that may be due to gas-related issues:

  • No warm air when a gas heater is turned on.
  • An appliance's pilot light goes out frequently.
  • Water in water heater tank takes a long time to heat.
  • Weak flame on gas burner or appliance.

Signs of a Commercial Gas Leak

Whenever you suspect a leak, immediately turn off the gas supply for everyone's safety. Evacuate your business promptly. Anyone in the building should go outdoors to get fresh air if there may be leaking gas indoors. Please call for help immediately. Gas leaks pose multiple dangers and can be lethal to humans. These are some common signs of gas leaks:

  • A smell of sulfur or rotten eggs in the building.
  • Hissing sound coming from a gas line.
  • Gas flames are orange or yellow instead of blue.
If you have plants in your business, you may also notice that they are dying for no apparent reason. A gas leak can cause that. Also, it can cause people to feel fatigued, nauseous or dizzy, and they may have headaches or trouble breathing. A professional can inspect the premises, detect gas leaks and help develop a repair strategy to make the building safe.

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At Ferris Plumbing, we understand the high level of responsibility businesses have when it comes to creating a safe environment for employees and customers, which is why we take every gas installation or repair service seriously. Our well-trained technicians are thorough and conscientious. Also, we want to make sure that business owners or maintenance managers are familiar with maintenance needs related to gas boilers, water heaters, or other features. We are careful to communicate important safety warnings or instructions. Our technicians can also show you how to safely turn off the gas in case you may suspect a leak in the future. For professional and reliable commercial gas services, please contact us.

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