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When your oil-fueled boiler is not working properly or stops working completely, it is important to call for help promptly. Our team works hard to respond quickly to calls. We understand how distressing it can be to experience heating issues in your home when the weather outside is especially cold. We send trained, qualified technicians to your home to assist you. If it makes more sense to replace the unit, the technicians will discuss options with you.

Benefits of Professional Oil Boiler Repairs

Since oil boilers have intricate and complex systems that include several moving parts, it is important to let a professional handle any repairs. Those moving parts and other components naturally wear out over time. It takes the right tools, training, and skills to replace parts or fix components in an oil boiler. When you call a professional, you have the assurance that you are working with someone who is familiar with your unit and knows how to fix it properly. Improper repair techniques can lead to costlier problems.

Another benefit of working with a professional for repairs is having peace of mind. When people try to fix heating units on their own or work with a handyman, they may wonder if there are any safety issues. Rest assured that our trained technicians take all safety issues into account with any oil boiler repair. They inspect their work thoroughly to ensure that they leave you with a functioning, safe boiler. Also, professionals know how to inspect boilers for operational efficiency and fix issues that make them work less efficiently.

Signs You May Need Oil Boiler Repairs

Depending on the type of problem your boiler is experiencing, you may notice one or more signs of problems. These are some of the common reasons people call us:

  • Loud clunking or banging noises
  • Strange or bad smells
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Insufficient heating
  • Mineral buildup or corrosion
Some people also call when they have a very old boiler that does not seem to work efficiently. We encourage you to call us for any of these reasons or others that leave you wondering what is wrong with your boiler. The reason we encourage people to call promptly is because some problems may be minor issues that are easier to fix or repair. Some issues can turn into bigger problems if they are not promptly addressed, and that can lead to higher repair costs.

What To Expect With Oil Fired Boiler Repair Services

Our process is simple. When you call us, we provide answers or a prompt visit to your home. Our technicians inspect the problem, quickly diagnose it and discuss options with you. They also discuss costs, and they work with you to set a repair time that fits with your schedule if they cannot complete it that day. During the repair process, they are conscientious to minimize interruptions to your daily life and treat your home with respect. After they are finished, they clean up any dirt and debris from the repair or service they provide.

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If you live in our service area in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, we welcome you to contact us for answers to any questions or to schedule an appointment. Our technicians are committed to delivering high-quality customer service and take pride in providing excellent results. They work efficiently without cutting corners. Please contact us for any residential HVAC oil-fired boiler repair services.

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