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Water Filtration and Purification

Do you have hard water? If so, a water filtration and purification system could be for you!

A water filtration system filters out chemicals and toxins such as sediment, bacteria and iron which can make your water look cloudy or even produce a foul smell. If you use City water a filtration system can catch debris coming in from the street before you use the water.

A water purification system uses specific cleaning methods that use chemical properties of different contaminants in order to remove them from your water.

Ideally, a combination of both water filtration and purification will provide you with the cleanest possible water at the lowest possible cost.

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Water Softeners

If you have hard water, high traces of iron, water that smells like rotten eggs, deterioration of piping, or green specs in your water line, then you should consider a Water Softener System.

A Water Softener System helps reduce hardness in the water, as well as removing iron from the system. If a salt tank is not for you then try the Encore ION x5 which eliminates the need for a salt tank and reduces maintenance.

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Then consider a Carbon Filter or a Carbon Eco Pure Filter for under your sink.

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If you have a Well an option is a UV light system which can kill E-Coli and coliform in Wells making the water safe to drink after all necessary precautions are taken.

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