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Residential High-Efficiency Boiler Installation Services

High-efficiency boilers trap escaping heat and redistribute it by condensing it. If you are ready to replace an old boiler or install one in a home that is currently being built, we are here to help you find the right product for your needs and install it. We have experience installing and maintaining high-efficiency boilers, and our team is committed to providing the highest level of quality workmanship and customer service with our residential high-efficiency boiler installation services.

Understanding High-Efficiency Boilers

Older boilers lose a considerable amount of energy in the combustion process. Since high-efficiency boilers instead trap and reuse the escaping heat, they help reduce wasted energy. Today, many high-efficiency boilers have AFUE ratings between 90% and 97%. Many older boilers have AFUE ratings that range between 60% and 80%.

When it comes to deciding if a high-efficiency boiler is right for you and your home, there are several factors to consider. A home's heating system includes several components, such as pipes, pumps, valves, and distribution. We can discuss your home and needs with you, ask some questions and help you determine if a high-efficiency boiler is the right choice. If there is a better option for your needs, we will tell you.

Benefits of High-Efficiency Boilers

In comparison with older boilers, there are several benefits of choosing a high-efficiency unit. These are some of the main benefits:

  • Saves money over time
  • Better for the environment
  • Neutralizes condensate before disposal
  • Lighter and smaller
  • More flexible installation options
  • Does not require a chimney

How Much Energy Do High-Efficiency Boilers Save?

One way to compare energy and potential financial savings with an old boiler versus a high-efficiency unit is to compare each dollar spent to the efficiency rating. For instance, if an old boiler has an efficiency rating of 80%, it means about 20 cents out of every dollar spent on running it is wasted by lost energy. If a new boiler has an efficiency rating of 96%, it means that the loss per dollar is only about 4 cents instead.

What To Expect With Residential High-Efficiency Boiler Installation Services

Before installing a boiler, we must inspect your home to determine the right size of unit for your needs. Also, we work with you to determine the best location for your new boiler. Once we have all the necessary information, we will discuss installation processes and times with you. In many cases, new boiler installation projects take less than a day to complete once the preliminary inspection is complete and the new boiler is selected. Installation time frames vary based on several factors, including the complexity of an existing heating system and what it takes to remove it.

There may be other factors as well, which we can discuss with you. For example, pipe reconfiguration is sometimes helpful to reduce heat loss. Keep in mind that the estimated AFUE rating of a high-efficiency boiler does not account for heat loss from pipes that are not optimized to prevent it. Our technicians work hard to ensure that you lose as little heat as possible with your new high-efficiency boiler.

Learn More About High-Efficiency Boiler Installation

If you have questions about brands, warranties, or anything else, we are happy to answer them for you. When you work with us for high-efficiency boiler installation, we only send qualified technicians to your home. As a full-service company, we provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for a variety of heating systems. Our team is committed to creating a positive customer experience for everyone. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our residential high-efficiency boiler installation services, please contact us. We proudly serve several areas in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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